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Hands at Play w/ Anxiety Brunch

I recently caught up with my friend, and local visual artist, Megan over a couple of drinks. The cocktails met up for were to be crafted by the mixologist herself.

Megan, also known in the art community as Anxiety Brunch, recently hit me up to help on an upcoming project of hers. Typically armed with paint and canvas, this project would necessitate her use of other tools. Periodically, there's an energy cycle for most artist where focus is shifted to secondary mediums, and concocting craft cocktails has been one of those focuses for her lately. Determined to succeed in her recent undertakings, she decided to enter into her first bartending competition. For this project she needed a hand with styling and capturing her spirits in action. This project delighted me because I honestly love drink styling and was stoked to help out a longtime friend. Details secured, it was time to meet for a couple of rounds before I scooted out of town. The brisk wind of a breezy October afternoon slipped through the crevice of my car window and danced past my ear as I cruised through the Glenwood South district to meet on location.

Special thanks to The Cortez Seafood + Cocktail for hosting us and providing Megan with a beautiful lab to experiment in. Stepping up for the challenge, Megan took to creating two cocktails from a list of ingredients for this round. With these drinks, she hopes to go onto regionals. It was invigorating to watch her face light up as she dashed each component into her elixir.

Flaunting fruity and smokey notes, respectively, both cocktails brought a familiar comfort with every sip. Good luck to Megan. If you haven't yet, definitely go check out her work over on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy. **If you're reading this blog from a desktop, click here to go to the gallery to view the high-res versions of all the images from this session. Till we drink again~

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