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Get Involved with Safety Net

Physical Item Donation Drive

12/17 - 1/1/2021

 Item pickup service is offered throughout the Triangle and surrounding counties (Wake, Durham, Orange) from 12/17 - 1/1/21. There is the option for us to come pickup or meet up  donation drops, which are coordinated via the sign up form above. Please review any of the item need lists above to see the items currently being accepted and which are of most need. Please note that InterAct can only accept food pantry items still within the "use by" date and new & unused items due to the pandemic. 
Email us any questions about the donation drive.   

Fundraiser: Safety Net 2020 campaign

12/17 - 12/31/20

Donations to the Safety Net: Community Action on behalf of InterAct are being raised here. Through the PayPal Generosity Network, 100% of all funds raised will be able to go to the beneficiary InterAct (without fees!), and will be donated once the campaign is over at the beginning of the new year. Community fundraiser running from 12/17 - 12/31. 

Other ways to get involved?

Even if you can't donate, there are other ways you can help the cause. Simply spreading awareness and sharing our campaign links helps so much.

Email us here
if you're interested in more information on how you can get involved. We'd love to hear from you! Join us in extending the safety net to others.

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